Expanded Schedule, Mask-Free Classes, and More

Hey Team!

Really exciting news. We received some feedback from our community from folks who have taken classes this week and those who haven’t about how ready for and safe you feel to train at Krav Maga ATX. Huge appreciation to everyone who reached out with your preferences and how you’re feeling about training in person again.

The biggest thing we heard is that many of you don’t feel comfortable training in a mask, but that you DO feel comfortable training in our space mask-less because of the physical distancing and other safety guidelines we’ve established.

Starting on Monday, June 8th, we’ll begin offering mask-less classes, as well as adding partner classes!


We have a designated Krav Maga class on our schedule where masks are required. It is clearly marked on the schedule as “Quaranteam Krav Maga (Mask Required)”

All other classes are mask-optional once you’ve chosen an area and are on your designated mat space.

Masks are still required through all our transition spaces, including walking in through the front garage doors, putting on hand sanitizer, and making your way to/from your mat space.

Once there, you’re free to remove your mask, except for classes that expressly require masks throughout class.

Krav Maga Quaranteam classes

Quaranteam classes are an hour of partner work with a teammate you’ve designated in advance! These classes offer the opportunity to work on strikes and combinations, hands-on self-defenses, and other combative and Krav Maga training. These classes that may include advanced material but are open to all levels of experience.

Krav Maga Quaranteam rules

  • Quaranteams acknowledge that they will be participating in hands-on partner work. Only agree to Quaranteam with someone if you are comfortable with extended exposure and infection risk with that person.
  • Quaranteams must agree in advance to train together! Do not arrive for a Quarateam class without a designated partner. You will not be able to participate in class.
  • Krav Maga ATX does not assign or manage partners. This must be handled by each group as individuals.

If you know someone who you want to be your Quaranteam-mate, we are offering specials for incoming partners for existing members or partners who want to sign up together. See below for more details.

Some of you said you’d be more comfortable training with a mask, so we’ve added a Krav Maga Quaranteam class on our schedule where masks are still required. We’ve also added this class earlier in the morning on Saturday at 9am, so you can train in a cooler part of the day.

You can now train in hands-on Krav Maga classes Monday and Wednesday at 6pm, and Saturday at 9am!

See our full updated schedule.

Expanded Conditioning classes

We’ve expanded our Conditioning class offerings by adding a Conditioning class on Saturdays at 10:30am. We’ve also moved our Conditioning classes to Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm.

Masks are optional in these classes once you’re safely on your designated mat space.

See our full updated schedule.

Virtual classes

We will continue virtual classes! We do not anticipate these will go away for the foreseeable future, so if you don’t feel comfortable training in person, don’t worry! We’ve still got you covered.

Microphone added for instructors

Some of the feedback we’ve received is that it’s difficult to hear instructors, especially in our expanded space! We’ve added a microphone for instructors, so you should be able to hear better now.

Special Rates for New Members

Finally, because we’re opening up our schedule a bit more and incorporating Quaranteam classes, we’re offering specials for folks who want to bring a friend or family member.

$100/month (month-to-month) for current member quaranteam-mate


$100/month per person for two quaranteam-mates who join together

We also still have our 8-class pack for $160 ($20/class).

Reach out to kaci @ kravmagaatx.com if you want to take advantage of these new great rates.

As always, please reach out if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.


Kaci Kai [she/her]
Chief Executive Officer, Krav Maga ATX
3906 Warehouse Row, Austin, Texas 78704