Been going to Women’s self defense class for couple months.. I was super intimidated but Kaci was so welcoming and made me feel so comfortable. She is a badass and an amazing instructor. She will push you just right amount. I always leave the class thinking.. I can’t believe I just did that! Can’t recommend this class enough! β€” Shikha
"I started coming to this gym three months ago to try to get in better shape and I've loved my experience so far. The classes and community are not intimidating at all, and are very welcoming regardless of skill, gender, fitness levels, etc. I get a serious workout every time and I've gotten very quick fitness results. I look forward to class every week!" - John
Every class I grow in my ability and confidence because of the amazing instructors who push and support you at each step. I could not ask for a better group and community! - Jen Tracey
Krav Maga ATX has an amazing group of knowledgeable, dedicated and talented instructors. They teach you how to defend yourself and your loved ones AND make getting in shape fun in the process. Highly recommend Krav Maga ATX! -Andrea Garcia

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