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We teach real self defense to regular human beings.

Competitive athletes are welcome, but our goal is to teach normal folks how to effectively defend themselves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m out of shape or I’ve never done any martial arts, fighting, or Krav Maga before. Can I take a Krav Maga class?

Yes! Our classes are designed to help you find success regardless of where you are in your training or fitness level. (Seriously, you can do this.) This free trial class is one way you can see for yourself.

I’m nervous. Am I going to be welcome here?

Yep! Listen, we’re a self defense studio, which means we specialize in helping normal people learn how to defend themselves and the people they love.

We work really hard to be accepting and open to folks. If you’ve previously been excluded (or worse!) from gym, fitness, or martial arts spaces or if you’ve been ostracized because of your weight, gender, sexual orientation, or some other attribute that makes you, you, I want you to know we’re a safe place to train.

If it helps to know, we’re a woman majority owned and operated small business. Our head instructor is a passionate, competitive fighter who also happens to be a hilarious, heart-forward guy. Our classes are taught by highly qualified fight, martial arts, and fitness professionals who are lifelong learners and all around good humans who really want to teach you what they’ve learned along the way.

Great! I’m signed up. What do I need to bring with me?

Outstanding! We can’t wait to meet you. Wear clothing you feel comfortable moving and sweating in. Bring a bottle of water.

We don’t allow training with outdoor shoes on our mats, so most people train barefoot. You’re welcome to bring any athletic (non-cleat shoes) you only wear on our mats, if you’d like to train with shoes.

We also recommend a mouth guard and a groin protector, but neither of those are required.


Completely New To Martial Arts

“I love this gym and immediately felt comfortable training here! Being completely new to krav and martial arts in general I was a little nervous about starting out, but Kaci and all the instructors really make the effort to make you feel welcomed. I love the new mix of classes and truly feel stronger after a year with this crew. 10/10 recommend this place”

—Emily M

Welcoming and Safe Space

“This is a great place. It’s a great place to get in shape. It’s a great place to learn how to defend yourself and the people you love. It’s a great place to build your confidence and learn something about yourself. It’s simultaneously open and well-designed for people new to self-defense and fitness, and challenging to those who have been practicing years. The instructors are some of my favorite people in the world, and they are all highly skilled as well as invested in their students. And it’s a welcoming and safe space for women, LGBTQ students, and anyone who might be marginalized in society at large. I’m very lucky and happy to have found it and become a part of the community they’ve created.”

—Joshua G.

Amazing, Welcoming Community

“I can go on and on about this place. Krav Maga ATX has the best krav instructors in Austin, all of them are highly skilled and every class is well done. Classes are exceptional, and a great workout. In addition to great instructors and great classes, the community that Krav Maga ATX fosters is amazing and welcoming. Simply put: it’s the best Krav gym in Austin”

—John L