Texas Roller Derby

Welcome Texas Roller Derby fans!

We teach effective self defense for non-athletes (and athletes alike).

We cordially invite you to join us for a FREE week of classes.

With us, you’ll:

  • Learn effective techniques for fighting back against real-world attacks
  • Develop fight IQ and a self defender/fighter mindset
  • Be in a supportive community (we’re LGBTQ+ friendly)

No experience necessary. Non-athletes welcomed and encouraged.

Cis, trans, and non-binary folks welcome and encouraged.

Note: The day you sign up for your free week is the day your free week begins!

Adult Krav Maga Self Defense

Our adult Krav Maga classes are all genders and ages 13+.

We have a strong population of women and people of all body types and sizes. You do not need to have any experience or be in shape.

Women’s Only Krav Maga Self Defense

Join a group of supportive women in our Thursday 7pm women’s self defense class!

This class is for cis and trans women and nonbinary folks who feel comfortable being in a women-centered class.

Kids Krav Maga Austin Kids Summer Camp

Kids Krav Maga Classes and Camps

Kids classes and camps also available for 8-12 years olds. Learn more about Kids Krav Maga.