8 Self Defense Classes for Graduating Seniors


Give your graduating senior the gift of self defense!

At Krav Maga ATX, your graduate will learn a self defense system based on fast, easy-to-learn responses to common, real-world attacks.

In each class, your graduate will learn: 

  • Basic strikes, including punches, kicks, knees, and elbows,
  • At least one defense against a common, real-world attack (ex: attacks against strangulation, fighting from ground, abduction attacks, and more)

Krav Maga is meant for everyone of every size, age, and experience level to walk with strength and confidence out in the world. We’re a friendly, inclusive group.

Upon purchase, we’ll send you a welcome packet you can present to your graduate.

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No expiration. Includes all classes on our regular schedule.

8-Class pass: $160


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