Programs We Offer

Kill and Chill with Amy Winters

Are you a yogi interested in trying something fiery and fierce? Are you a fighter who needs to stretch and recover? Bring some balance into both practices with Kill and Chill!

40 minutes of hitting and kicking pads
40 minutes of yoga

First Sunday of the month

Self Defense for Caretakers

At Krav Maga ATX, we recognize the “anything to get home safe” self defense mentality is not always an option for caretakers, which is why we teach self defense specifically for caretakers.

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Fitness Foundations with Brett Smith

This is the program for you if you’re just starting (or re-starting) your fitness journey, working around limitations in mobility, movement, or conditioning, or are intimidated by Krav Maga and want to work up to a full self defense class.

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Women’s Self Defense with Amy

Every Wednesday, we teach self defense for women, by women.

The first Wednesday of the every month is free. The Women’s Self Defense classes are open to anyone who identifies as a woman.

Corporate Classes

We proudly offer private corporate classes for offices, workplaces, nonprofits, and other local organizations.

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