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18 Nov.

Street Clothes Week

November 18, 2019 - November 23, 2019

Krav Maga is meant to function not just on the mats but in your day-to-day life. Want to know how your kicks feel in jeans? How knee grip changes when your attacker is wearing a hoodie? Welcome to street clothes week!

From Monday, November 18th, through Saturday, November 23rd, we invite you to come to Krav Maga classes dressed in street clothes. During this week, you can get a better sense for how your combatives and your defenses feel in more restrictive clothing.

A few things to keep in mind during street clothes week:

  • If you own old backpacks, jackets, etc. that you don’t use any more, consider bringing them in as donations for classes to use throughout the week.
  • Feel free to train in dresses or skirts. Please wear some kind of shorts or tights underneath, as some of our training can be rather compromising.
  • Remember that your clothes will be grabbed, pulled, etc. during training! Please only wear street clothes that you’re comfortable having be stretched or ripped by accident.
  • Non-athletic shoes are welcome (as long as they’re clean!), but avoid heeled shoes as they will damage the mats.

Street Clothes Week will also culminate in a Street Clothes Seminar.

There is no extra charge to participate in regular classes during Street Clothes Week.

Event Details

Date: November 18, 2019 - November 23, 2019
Time: -
Venue: Krav Maga ATX
Address: 3906 Warehouse Row
Organizer Name: Krav Maga ATX
Phone: 5128508155