Rules and Etiquette

Learning self defense and martial arts requires discipline and dedication. Above all, we endeavor to build a strong, safe community.

Please adhere to the following rules while training with Krav Maga ATX.

  1. All training and talking must cease when someone calls TIME. This is for everyone’s safety!
  2. Show up on time and ready to train!
  3. No training with outside shoes on the blue mats.
  4. Remove jewelry, watches, or anything that could harm you or your partner.
  5. Come prepared. Bring water and your safety gear with you, including your mouth guard, groin protector, boxing gloves (if required), shin guards (if required), and any additional safety equipment (inhaler, insulin, knee braces, etc.).
  6. Do not talk over instruction. Leave cell phones put away.
  7. Do not take pictures or video during class without instructor permission.
  8. Wipe down and re-rack gym equipment after every class.
  9. Use your newfound skills and abilities for good, not evil. Do not bully, start fights, or otherwise harass people out in the world.
Max wearing a mouth guard and smiling